We are in love with Netflix latest series called DARK. The story, acting and cinemaphotography of Netflix Dark are great and we love the intro. Of course the theme song (Apparat feat. Soap&SKin – Goodbye ) is lovely and you might think the images, with it’s flips, crops and kaleidoscopic feel, are complex to recreate. But it’s actually quite simple! In the video below, we’ll show you how you can recreate this effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.

In a nutshell, the things you will need to do to recreate Netflix Dark Intro/ Opening effect:

– Film some cool footage! (it’s easier if you use a tripod, or if it’s moving footage make sure to use a stabilizer)
– In Adobe Premiere, create a main sequence (for the final video)
– Create a sequence PER clip you want to apply the effect on.
– Action: “Unlink” (unlink audio and video)
– Action: Duplicate video
– Action: Apply “Crop” Effect
– Action: Apply “Flip” Effect (Horizontal and Vertical Flip)
– Import the sequence of the clip in the main sequence.
– Now change it’s position.
– Duplicate it (3 times), crop it, flip it, to fill up the gaps around the clip.
– If you want to zoom in on the footage, nest these 4 clips and make keyframes for scale (from let’s say 100 to 105%).

That’s it! Hope it’s useful! If you have any questions, drop a comment on the video on our Youtube channel and we’ll try to help!