If you make screen recordings with programs like Quicktime Player, Bandicam or Screenium and use an external audio interface, you might have a problem with the audio. For example; you’ve just recorded something and found out only the left channel of audio is there. Or only the right channel. The problem is that you’ve recorded a mono input into a stereo track. Now don’t worry, this can easily be fixed (after you’ve recorded your video/ screencapture).

In this tutorial we will use Adobe Premiere CC to make sure you’re stereo track with only one channel will be changed so the channel we do have, will be used for both left and right.

Oh and you won’t need extra software like Soundflower for this.

If you prefer to watch this tutorial as a video, just check out this video:

  • So, start by recording something (it can be audio only, or a screen recording).
  • Import that video in to Adobe Premiere CC.
  • Drag the video in the timeline.
  • Click on the video in the timeline.
  • Right Click –> Audio Channels
  • Now, if you only hear audio coming from the left side, UNCHECK the Box that is checked for (R,R).
  • Now, check the box for L,R.
  • Click OK and the sound should be fine!

That’s it! If you need some more guidance, please check the video above.