We love using the combination of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. It’s just way easier to illustrate something in Illustrator than fiddling around with the Pen Tool in AE. In this tutorial we will teach you how to illustrate a nice looking plant in Illustrator and how we can make this grow, stretch and wiggle around in After Effects. No extra plugins are needed. But as an extra we have added some Ease and Wizz bits to make it look a little smoother.

Hopefully this will give you inspiration to create your own cool and smooth illustrations/animations!

Check out the tutorial below!

It consists of:

  • Plant (Stroke) Illustration in Illustrator.
  • Converting it to an After Effects Solid.
  • Changing the mask position.
  • Animating the scale.
  • Animating the actual masks to make the top grow.
  • Adding sound.
  • Multiplying items