Maybe you have recently purchased a Yi 4K Action Camera and are looking for a case to protect it. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we will give you some insights on the Aluminium Case for the Yi 4K!

Waterproof Case?

When we first got the Yi 4K, it didn’t come with any kind of protection. The Waterproof case is not included and has to be purchased separately. If you’re in to surfing, diving or want to film some shots while taking a swim on holiday this is obviously a must-have.

But it has some downsides. First of all the touchscreen doesn’t work with the waterproof case and since you cover the microphone, the audio will sound really bad. So we can imagine that for other purposes (biking, skateboarding, mounting it to a car etc.) you might want to have a different solution.

Metal/ Aluminium Protective Case

That’s where this Yi 4K Aluminium case comes in handy! It’s quite cheap, really solid and gives you the ability to mount filters to the Yi 4K (it comes with a “free” UV filter). You can still attach a tripod to the bottom of the case, and it also comes with a little adapter so you can use it with regular GoPro mounts. Next to that, it even looks very stlylish and professional!

As for the weight, you might think it will be very heavy, but we like the feeling of it. The complete setup of the Yi and the case together weighs 200 grams (7 oz).

Yi 4K Metal Case GoPro Mount

Finally, it even comes has a hot-shoe so you will be able to add a LED light to your setup! Right now you can’t connect an external microphone to your Yi 4K yet, but we heard Yi Technology is working on a Bluetooth mic, so this will hopefully be released soon.




So if you’re looking for a case that will protect your Yi 4K outside of the water, this is probably the one for you! It just feels solid, has enough mounting options, and being able to use filters is great. The set only costs $16 and you can get one here: !

Yi 4K Action Cam Cheap Protective Case Latch

We already accidentally dropped our camera in the case from quite some heights and it did protect the Yi 4K very well. Pretty sure the screen would have cracked otherwise. Instead, all we could see were some scratches on the metal case.

So yeah, this is our new best friend as it comes to protection for our action cam!

Please do keep in mind that you will see some vignetting when using 4K Ultra Mode in combination with the UV-filter!