A few months ago Yi Technology surprised us with their new “Yi 4K Action Camera”. It is their second Action Camera and even though there are so many different manufacturers making similar camera’s, this one actually seemed to be better and cheaper than the GoPro Hero 4. Of course GoPro has recently released their long-awaited GoPro Hero 5 which has some great features and advantages over the Yi 4K, but still, the Yi 4K remains the best bang for buck. We’re giving you 5 reasons to buy a Yi 4K and 5 reasons not to!

5 Reasons to buy the Yi 4K:

  • Great price
    Yi = €250 / GoPro Hero 4 = €370 / GoPro Hero 5 = €430
  • Great battery life
    Yi 4K = 1400mAh / GoPro Hero 5 = 1220 mAh
  • Great image quality
    Somewhere in between the GoPro Hero 4 and 5!
  • Great interface!
    Touch screen is clear and works really well!
  • 1/4″ tripod thread on the camera!
    You can just attach you Yi 4K to a tripod/monopod or Gorillapod without using tons of weird adapters!

That was easy right? It seems like a no-brainer, but please also read our 5 reasons NOT to buy the Yi 4K and decide for  yourself!

Yi 4K vs GoPro Hero 5

5 Reasons not to buy a Yi 4K:

  • Can’t use an external microphone (yet).
    Unlike the GoPro’s, you can’t plug an external mic in your Yi 4K Action cam. It is impossible to connect your microphone to your camera with a micro USB to 3.5mm Jack adapter. Well of course it fits, but it simply doesn’t work.
  • Waterproof case has to bought separately.
    The GoPro Hero 4 comes with a waterproof case. The GoPro Hero 5 is even waterproof without an extra waterproof. The Yi 4K doesn’t come with one so you will have to buy it separately. Yi’s official case doesn’t allow you to use the touch screen.
  • Glitches/ Hardware malfunction
    Some people have reported problems with their Yi 4K. Some have some problems with the Bluetooth or Wifi connection, others (including us) had problems with the camera turning on. Our Yi 4K simply started getting these problems after a month or so. It wouldn’t turn on 90% of the time, only if we’d remove the battery hundreds of times. Eventually Yi decided to replace our camera so we’ve been very happy with their service. Let’s hope it won’t happen again.
  • No Voice Control
    GoPro surprised us with the Voice Control Commands on their new cams. If you’re in to extreme sports and have the cam mounted somewhere where you can’t quickly hit record, this might be a great feature that the Yi 4K doesn’t have!
  • Warranty
    Yes, the GoPro is more expensive. But since they can be bought at every camera store, it’s easier to get your problems solved. Yi 4K has to be bought via sites like AliExpress, Amazon or eBay and it might be harder to get your problems sorted. If you do buy the Yi 4K, we recommend buying it from the official Yi AliExpress store for the best support.

Final note:

If you want to know more about the Yi 4K, we have everything from unboxing to sample footage covered in this article.