If you’re like us, you probably hate to carry big tripods, monopods, monitors, huge lenses and big bags when going on a day trip. Of course you still want to be able to shoot nice looking videos or photos. In this article we’ll show you 5 small, essential camera accesoires / items that makes it possible for you to pack light, while still being able to get the right footage.

Lowepro ViewPoint CS 40

This little bag was originally designed for action camera’s and a few accessoires, but you can use this for a lot of different situations. You could use it for your Rode Wireless Filmmaker Kit, some batteries and a small pancake lens. You figure it out. It’s really rugged and very handy to keep a few expensive items together. Definitely a must have to throw in any bag.

Cheap Aluminium SD Card Holder

A small and cheap solution for all your (micro) SD cards is always handy. We use this very cheap aluminium SD Card Holder. Works fine and keeps everything together.

Syrp Genie Mini

Like to create timelapses or want to create some sweet video panning? The Syrp Genie Mini is your friend. Of course, you could use a cheap egg timer, but this won’t hold a heavier DSLR camera and it lacks a lot of features. With the Syrp Genie Mini you can make it spin clockwise, counter-clockwise, you can set the time, speed, you can create easy ins and outs etc. All of this can be controlled with the Syrp app which works very well. This small and rugged device really is a must-have for every filmmaker.

Joby Gorillapod

We started this article by saying we hate carrying around tripods. But without one, how are you going to create timelapses and such?
Well, with this bendy tripod you will still have tons of options to get the right shot. Put it on the ground, wrap it around a fence, hold it like a selfie-stick. This is a very versatile item, something every filmmaker should have.

Peak Design Clutch

Hate to carry your camera around your neck? Hate the fact that as soon as you go hand-held and start filming, parts of the neck strap appear in the video? Yeah, we get you. That’s why we use this Peak Design Clutch. The hand-strap secures your camera and improves your grip, but it doesn’t get in the way. Apart from that, there’s a plate attached to this clutch, which you can use as a quick release for ballheads, tripods, gorillapods and whatnot. This makes it so easy to switch from hand-held to a tripod (and back) without losing a lot of time. Cheap accessoire, but it does so much.

That’s pretty much it! Hope this article was useful. These items have definitely made our bag lighter and have improved our filmmaking during day trips.